• Heidi Patricia Camacho Grass Universidad Industrial de Santander
  • Ricardo Llamosa Villalba Universidad Industrial de Santander



This research work presents a proposal to manage and improve educational process, for academic programs or courses in Higher Education. Particularly, we present a model for the internal processes improvement supported in the philosophy of current Maturity Models. The reference model designed and named "Educational Process Maturity Model - MEMORIA/PE" is an organizational architecture, structured into four categories of processes: Administrative Management, Strategic Administration, Operational Administration and Tactical Administration, in which are grouped and described "Management Practices" for compliance. MEMORIA/PE consists of five maturity levels that correspond to the state in which the processes can be found with respect to its management and its improvement. The process of implementation of MEMORIA/PE not only involves a process of formal assessment on the adherence to the practices of the model at a certain level of maturity, but it is necessary to continue with a process of reinterpretation of the model and constant improvement, which involves a cyclical process of development (iterations) of internal improvement projects. This coincides with the ontology of the agile methodologies where there is no "End Products", but evolving products, review or continuous improvement. That agile methodologies are applied in projects in complex environments, where you need to get results quickly, and requirements are changing and where innovation, competitiveness, flexibility and productivity are critical, designed an Agile Methodology Implementation of MEMORIA/PE, which integrates a set of best practices to work in Highly Productive Teams in order to obtain the best possible result, with partial and periodic deliveries from the priorities of stakeholders.


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Biografía del autor/a

Heidi Patricia Camacho Grass, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Investigadora del Grupo de Investigación CIDLIS

Ricardo Llamosa Villalba, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Director Científico Grupo de Investigación CIDLIS

Profesor Titular Laureado Escuela de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electronica y Telecomunicaciones

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Grass, H. P. C., & Villalba, R. L. (2014). AGILE IMPLEMENTATION OF A PROCESS MATURITY MODEL IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Revista Educación En Ingeniería, 9(17), 150–161.



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